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Amiga 600 Upgrade & Delay - MONTH OF AMIGA
Hey folks, hope you've all been enjoying the Month of Amiga.

Some news. First of all I found an Amiga 600 in my local Game (Which used to be an old GameStation and has again started selling retro consoles and games) for £30. I lapped it up instantly as it is an upgrade to my old Amiga 500+. Indeed I've been having growing issues with the 500+ as there are games it wouldn't load as I believe the disk drive is starting to fail. After a days testing, the Amiga 600 has shown no failures at all. While it runs on the same audio chip as the 500+, the fact that I can run more titles on it opens the door to more soundtracks from games that were previously not viable.

Another issue in soundtrack selections (Probably notable to those who owned an Amiga) is that lack of titles that play with a mouse. I do own several of these games (The entire Lemmings collection for starters) but the mouse I had for the A500+ had worn out - the buttons worked fine but I couldn't move the mouse cursor. Anything running in Workbench (Like Maths Drill) could be just about done because of a keyboard shortcut (Hold both Amiga buttons and use the directional keys) but games never supported this clunky alternative. The A600 came with a working mouse, but even better than that - I have ordered an optical mouse retrofitted specifically the work on the Amiga. While that side is more a win for me (No wearing down and having to replace the mouse) it also means more consistent Amiga title releases for you.

Finally a small, maybe even premature, apology. I don't believe I will have the chance to record Monday's soundtrack in time for release. I am working over the next two days and I've been very busy up until this point. So do forgive me if the release is on Tuesday instead of Monday this week, but rest assured Wednesday and Friday's releases will not be affected.

<b>ADDITIONAL</b> - I've received the file links for Torrents for most of the new Amiga releases from Haggar (Major thanks to him). I will upload these ASAP (Tuesday latest) and add them in their respective topics here for you guys to download that way (I know I prefer Torrents myself).
Wow the Month of Amiga got pretty big pretty fast!!

I'm super glad of it obviously, you're doing an excellent work!

Keep 'em coming, and mail me the torrents when you got them so I can upload them on this server too.

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