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Best motherboard revision for Genesis sound
I got the VA2 and tested it. I was hoping maybe someone already done the mod on it but nope; sound is noisy. Unscrewed everything and checked that too, to be sure. The next step is to mod the system; I'll be sure to be extra careful.

I really don't hear any crackling though, with what I tested so far it's just a really grainy low-volume, noisy output. Sweet to have those highs though that are missing from the VA3 onwards.

I'll be recording soundtracks all day like a mad man if this all ends up working as expected Tongue

edit: turns out there's no more places locally that sell resistors like I thought there would be, so I guess there's still more of waiting game. Not only did I order carbon resistors, I got Allen Bradley NOS ones, which apparently have a nice warm attribute to them (if there's even a difference).

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