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Big Run - New Amiga Launch Hits the Road



The Amiga was always a bit of an audio oddity, often games would have title music and then only effects in game. But that title screen music? That would blow the cartridge slots out of the competition.

Big Run is a game that embodies that audio power fantastically. Superb stereo separation, a great rock inspired theme and that sound only an Amiga can make. Strap yourself in, we're hitting the road.

Remember to click on the image above to be taken straight to the download page!

PS. We've updated the recording hardware for the Amiga and the Amiga itself, now using the best audio chip Commodore ever put out there instead of one from the Amiga 500. It really doesn't get better than this.

(you can read the original article here: [Amiga] Big Run - New Amiga Launch Hits the Road )
Holy moly @Roareye, you scared the shit outta me, lol.

I completely forgot you had the powers to post (and crosspost to forums) so I thought someone managed to snatch my password or something and post on my behalf.

Good stuff, it's nice to see you back!

Also, one of our users asked for a reupload of previous Amiga releases as the links are down: can you give it a look when you have time?
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
I believe I responded about Knux Chaotix but I'll look into it. I think the mediafire links still work but I'll verify that.

Also I think I broke the Releases page, dunno how I only added a link, but the Mega Drive and Amiga release listings don't appear.

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