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Castlevania Bloodlines and Sunset Riders
Konami logo part of first track is distorted by some sound in Castlevania Bloodlines album.
Maybe from other apps?

Actual Adios Amigo track isn't in Sunset Riders album.
We're Gonna Blow You Away music is played instead.

I've only downloaded CD quality I haven't checked other version.
Are you talking about the RYMCast application?
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
I was talking about distortion in the track might be from another application that was running on ripper's computer when he was recording musics with Audacity or something.
Completely different "beep" sound is there in the Konami logo part of the Castlevania Bloodlines.
Edit: Ok, mp3 and 96 khz version are the same.
Ok, so it has nothing to do with RYMCast, hence I'm moving this thread to the proper section Smile ( )

Also, I'll check the tracks and report back.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Thank you.
I thought feedback was for the releases until I notice it was for RYMCast application lol.

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