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Commodore Amiga OSTs in 24/96 FLAC?
As everyone else here, and hopefully a lot more besides, I absolutely love this project. I've wanted to be more involved in some way for a while, but it is difficult without treading on toes or making an arse of it all.

Well, I've been tinkering with surround sound mixing, stereo mixing and a variety of recording styles (Both hardware and software) and recently managed to get an old console/computer to work beautifully through HDMI.

I have recorded a classic Amiga soundtrack in FLAC 96/24. That game is Zool 2. I have also designed a cover art for it in a similar vein to the current Mega Drive covers but with a distinct Amiga flavour, using Amiga font and Workbench logos.

<img alt="Zool 2 cover" src="" width="1000" height="1000" />

Obviously the design (And any audio issues) is all up for any changes, I just did it to help give you an idea of how far this could go if donluca likes what I've done with the audio quality and agrees for me to focus on the Commodore Amiga while he continues with the Mega Drive. This would help cover more ground, and allow more frequent updates (Should donluca be unable to provide an update, hopefully I can and vice versa.

Link below is for a temporary link to the files on my own server. Obviously they take up a lot of space, so I may need to shift them at some point, but hopefully it'll be enough time to get feedback on this idea?

If you do like them, don, then I can start as soon as you like starting with Zool 2. I have many other games, including Zool 1, 4 different Lemmings games, Sid Meier's Pirates, Mortal Kombat 1 and 2, SWIV (Amazing music), Fury of the Furries (Featured recently on Immortal 4) among others. And like yourself I can open it up to requests and if I don't have a game I can try to track it down to create future updates.

EDIT: Just an updated version of the cover design, and an additional artwork of a SWIV cover.

[Image: swiv-amigacover.png]


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