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[DISCUSSION] Should we change our logo and side art on covers?
(for reference: )
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
I like the logo since you used to use one album art for all projects, then moved to include unique art for each project in addition to your own logo on the left which I am not against of course, but in order to change it to something better that represents you as a group, I am more into examples rather than just a 'yes' or 'no' when it comes to change.
Well, first part is choosing wether to keep it or not.

Second part, we make some examples and then we decide which one to use.

If people are ok with our current logo and cover side art, then there's no need to change it in the first place!
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Then I vote to keep it as it is.
I like the S&K logo for sure, but it might be fun to mess around with stylizing it up in future releases.
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Something like keeping Sonic & Knuckles but putting like a pair of headphones on them?

That's viable for sure, so we retain our identity which, by now, it's binded to the S&K logo.

I'll think about it and see if I can come up with something.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
I like the cover art. I think that the logo should be "tweaked" so that it becomes more unique.
I think that modifying the ol' S&K logo would do fine.
Give it it's own recognizable identity without sacrificing the established label.

As far as the sideart goes, it looks fine to me. I can't see how one would improve upon it
Thanks for all your input.

I'll talk to Truepack, the one behind our Cover arts, to see if we can tweak somehow our logo and make it more unique, while keeping it recognizable.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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