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[DISCUSSION] Which filesharing service should we use?
(for reference: )


Quote: I want something reliable which will not nuke my files out of nowhere and a service which won't go out of business due to legal issues (for reference: Rapidshare, Megaupload).

If you want, we can just use torrents and be good with it.
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I know MEGA is nice and fast, but you can get 50GB on free account. However, mediafire serves 10GB for free account, so the first option looks cool depending on the total size of your uploads of course. I suggest MEGA though.
Torrents sound perfect and amazing. Nice to keep everything simple and consolidated.
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Just to make it clear: there will be torrents, always.

The matter here is either doing only torrents or putting them side by side with another file sharing service.

About MEGA: I know the guys who are behind it, one is from Megaupload, the others from other similar services.
I'm very, very afraid MEGA will go down just like Megaupload and Rapidshare and with it being one of the most used file sharing services around, it will probably already be under the radar.

Still, if several people want MEGA, then MEGA will be.
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I also think MEGA is better but Mediafire is good enough for me. Just don't choose one of those file sharing services with a ridiculous amount of ads (and spyware).
If you are gonna upload torrents then i guess you could just simply use Dropbox,KICKASSTORRENTS,4share,Depositfiles, or mediafire, Mega is fine too
These are options btw i don't mean you have to make a link for each one of them xD
Thanks a lot for all the input.

I wanted to give a small update on this, for those of you following this thread.

From now on we're going to host our releases on MEGA.

Torrents will always be available, as usual.

Again, thanks all of you for taking the time to play a part in this, I really appreciate it.
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