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Dogman's OST Hardware Recordings
**Let me know if there's an issue with this thread, and I can delete it. Don't mean to tread on 16-bit Audiophile Project's ground or anything like that; I felt this is the perfect site to share the recordings I've done.

Let's start off with an overlooked OPL soundtrack from the DOS days: 3-D Dinosaur Adventure, composed by Hamilton Altstatt! This one is particularly nostalgic if you played it as a kid. The soundtrack stands out as very catchy and yet slightly unsettling in a way with certain tracks, thanks to the FM bell-like tones and overall charm of the YM3812 chip.

I recorded this from my Sound Blaster 16 CT2290 using the DOS program PX player to play back the extracted XMI files from the game folders.

3-D Dinosaur Adventure (Knowledge Adventure, 1994):
24-bit 96khz:!b7QkSITD!yB9beQXylzaq4yoSWl5fsTjJvMqlaENeGG0lENfy7xU
16-bit 44.1khz:!amBkXa4D!NVJKBOtrVWlJ5_78PCr4PXa0fiOe0gEN4DZIi5euki0

I normalized each individual song on the 16-bit files but left the 24-bit files alone. The files aren't tagged with song titles, unfortunately.

some preview tracks:

Windows 98SE PC running PX player
Sound Blaster 16 CT2290 line out jack
Blue Jean Cables
Avid Mbox Pro 3 w/ Black Lion Audio premium mod
Recorded at 32bit 92khz. Fades added digitally. Dithered down to 24bit FLAC files.

(note: I don't claim these are super pristine audiophile recordings! Though better than nothing I'd say if there's no alternative.)

I'll edit this thread when/if I come out with more soundtracks.
Give me some time and I'll give you access to the website so you can post your releases!

Also, if you have Slack send me a PM and I'll invite you into the cool guys club Tongue

Quick advice: try recording straight at 24-bit. Recording at 32-bits and dithering down to 24 didn't give me the best results, I vastly preferred to record and share the "master" without touching it (except fade-outs, of course).
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Sounds good! Feels nice to be a contributing member to the site. I'll send you a PM.

What recording software do you use? I'm using Izotope RX right now and you're pretty much forced to record in 32-bit - I'm hesistant to use my DAW for recording as the export options use sample interpolation that change the sound ever so slightly.

Also, here's some links to more authentic PC game OST recordings to anyone who's interested; safe to say I'm not going to re-record what's already been done so check them out: (links in the playlist descriptions)
Nice, we could try and contact them to unify all those project under a common flag.

I used to record with Audacity which is dead-simple and doesn't do any kind of interpolation whatsoever, but recently I've been trying out Adobe Audition CC and have liked it, although I prefer the simplicity of Audacity (which is also open source and updated on a regolar basis).

Worth keeping an eye out also on Ocenaudio, it's coming along quite nicely although there are some features I'd like to see missing (for example an indication for when the recording clips).
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Hey Dogman, if you're still around, take a look at the guidelines to properly submit rips to our projects and I'll make a Community Release out of this.

For this particular case, you can ignore most of the guidelines, but make sure to give me at least a proper cover. You might want to change the Genesis logo with something akin a DOS logo or whatever, to avoid confusion.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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