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[EXAMPLE] Bad/Good suggestions
BAD example

This website sucks balls! You guys are morons who still dream about stupid little old games! And the releases' audio quality is horrible! Go do harakiri!

Better example - Still rude, but at least you give us feedback on what's not working

This website sucks balls! It is too difficult to find things around and the colour scheme makes everything too hard to read!

Also, the releases' audio quality is horrible! There's way too hiss and the audio crackles! Fix them asap!

GOOD example: You tell us what's not working and give us a hint on how to get better.

I think the colour scheme of the website makes everything really hard to read, maybe you should try different colors like a deep blue background with white text.

Also, you may consider making the menu more intuitive so that things are easier to find around.

Then you should give a look at the releases as some of them has too much hiss and sometime I can hear the audio crackle: maybe it's a problem of the recording equipment rather than the recording software.

To sum up: always be gentle, if there's something you don't like or you think we can do it better do not only point us out what's the problem but give us a tip on how to do it right.

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