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[EXAMPLE] Presentation topic
1) Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi everyone, I'm the test user! I've registered so I can test stuff out and make sure everything works properly in here!
I'm less than 1 year old (lol), actually just have a month of life and I come from the bits of this server!

2) Tell us what you like!

I enjoy testing stuff and find things that doesn't work properly, so I can report them to the boss and he will take care of 'em.
In my free time I enjoy hanging out with testmod, another test user with mod powers! He's really a cool guy and we're all retrogaming fans and we spend our time listening to the amazing tunes available on this website.

3) Why have you joined our community?

I've joined the community so I can help and lend a hand wherever is necessary, make sure that everything is up and working so that you guys can enjoy the website and the forums without problems.

That's all, see you around! Smile

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