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[FULFILLED] Altered Beast
"Wise fwon yoh gwave!"

That was one of the classiciest games released for Sega Genesis. This cartridge, created from an Arcade Game, was even inside some console's boxes on the 90s console wars.

This is a "must be there" on Audiophile Project. There's few musics, but they are powerfull and unforgatable.

I do want to see it here! Wink Please!!!

Finally someone requested it! Yes!

I second this! Big Grin

Let's see if we can manage to get it to top priority with enough people requesting it, I really want to rip this.

<img style="float: left" alt="agreed " src="" width="570" height="320" />


[Image: boxshot.jpg]
My God, this game was completely lame and pathetic. With homo-erotic musclemen, strange furry transformations that had power which made little sense and a voice actor with a speech impediment. And yet... I find myself playing it every now and then, enjoying myself and yet loathing myself for playing the thing every time.

Terrible game, but somehow do want. With the addition of the voice clips please! I need some High Quality "Wise Fwom yoh gwave!"
It shall be done as requested!

Also, this is the perfect example of a game that was so bad that became good in its own ways.
To be fair it was pretty solid in the arcade. Smile
Duh, the controls were absolutely garbage, very unresponsive, I always had a rough time controlling the character properly and getting the right timing for jumps and shoots.

IMHO, obviously.

I still had lots of fun back in the days anyway.
Request fulfilled!

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