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[FULFILLED] Ecco the Dolphin
I'd like to see the music of Ecco the Dolphin released. It has a very strange, ambient feeling to it that really fits the scenarios which it plays in well. It's probably not to everyone's taste (especially true of the later and unused tracks), but I myself think it's a great soundtrack.

[Image: ecco%20the%20dolphin.jpg]

I'd also like to request the sequel, but since it's a sequel I'm not entirely sure if it warrants its own thread or not.

The rules state "to each game its own thread".

This thread will be regarded as a request to Ecco the Dolphin.

If you want to request the sequel, go ahead and make another thread for it.

Thank you. Smile
I would like to second this request! =) On Caverns of Hope we've recently released a fixed and enhanced version of the original PC version of Ecco that allows to choose between soundtracks, but our Mega Drive/Genesis version has quite low quality (160kbps). A nice HQ version of that would be awesome and fit the nice graphics!

Here's the link to our rerelease of the Ecco PC Version with the soundtracks all in one downloadable file:

Thank you! =)
Nice work you got there Smile

I guess it would be awesome for you to give your fans the possibility of choosing between the PC and the authentic Mega Drive soundtrack in your enhanced version of the game.

I think we can definitely do this when we'll release this.
That's really cool to hear, thank you so much! =) We'll naturally credit you and link to your project if we are allowed to use these tracks in the Ecco PC release. I am looking very much forward to the Ecco soundtrack now!

EDIT: Would it be asked too much if you could also rip the Sound Effects? They can be accessed via Debug Menu (just like the music tracks), though they're quite numerous. I think it's 64 SFX pieces... :S We would be extremely grateful, as the fixed Ecco PC version is now able to play all sound effects as WAV files. Ecco PC was lacking most of the MegaDrive/Genesis ones in the original release, and we're now using WAVs we got from the web, so the quality could be improved here, too. If editing would be too much work, we'd also appreciate one sound file that includes all SFX played in a row, too! Thank you very much for considering! =)
ugh, ripping and tagging all the sound effects would be quite an effort.

If you guys know which sound effect is what, I can just rip all of them in one big WAV file and then you can edit them and make single sound effect files out of the big file.

I can record all the SFXs in debug menu's order to make your editing work simpler, so you already know which sound effect is being played.

I'm ok with all this, the only thing I ask in return is putting a reference and link to our website to give us credit for the work, that's all . Smile
Yeah, like I said, that would come naturally, since this is an amazing benefit for the Ecco PC rerelease, too. And without your work it wouldn't be possible, so we're more than glad to spread the word so people can find your other amazing releases =)

One big WAV file for the sound effects would be awesome. If you can record them in the order they appear in the Debug Menu, even better. This way we can check for reference by ourselves and split the WAV file into proper SFX files. Thank you very very much. This is very exciting for us! Smile
Just bumping this up, if allowed. Also, there's news about Ecco the Dolphin music! As he won the RadioSEGA character battle, he'll be treated with a special feature show in 2 weeks. The 40 most voted Ecco tracks from all games will be played in the Top40 countdown show Smile

Anyway, would love to see Ecco releases on 16-Bit Audiophile soon. Smile
No need to "bump".

We always keep track of all the requests and all the people asking for it. Same user making two posts about it != two different users asking for it.

This is gonna take a while because it has to receive a kind of special treatment. Patience has always been rewarded here, don't worry. Smile
I am going to be patiently waiting for the reward now, then! =)

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