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[FULFILLED] X-Men 2: Clone Wars
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Always loved this game and it's music. Sega even put out a fantastic arrange album of it as part of their Sega Tunes series of albums.<br />


I wanted to point out one thing. Some stages would change up the music in subtle ways based on which character you played as. It's similar to riding Yoshi in Super Mario World. I loved how you edited the variations on that one track in Ristar, "Intesion, Du-Di-Da!!". Could you do something like that here with these stage variations or would it be too much work?
Thanks for reporting, I'll try my best on that.

Request fulfilled!
I'd like to open this back up if possible. I noticed something odd in the opening track. There are melody lines, arpeggios that I was expecting to hear but that are absent.

I saw the comment above but I have never realized it was character specific until today when I looked it up and there were two versions my brain remembered. I looked back my vgms and and tney are all just the empty backing track as this release has.

Does anyone have any idea how the system plays these sounds/variations ? The vgm plugin I have doesn't have them playing on any channels.
Update:  I found this youtube video where some has, at least for the most part, layed out the individual variations.  Apparently most levels have alternate themes for each character.  About how the how the programming works, "DUSTINODELLOFFICIAL" says:


Quote:This game uses the GEMS mailbox feature to communicate what character(s) is/are currently selected. This is why, until now, recordings of the game have been incomplete. It took me quite a bit of time to figure out how this worked in the disassembly. The entire game uses a big jump table and a small-code model, which means that the resulting disassembly is quite hard to read.

Additionally, something that he does not include in his rip...

Quote:If it is a two player game, two melodies will even play at the same time! My recording does not contain these versions because including every single combination of 2 players would make this video hours long.

Personally I would love to have every variation and as separate tracks, or at least as medleys where the character order is listed in notes somewhere.
I'll look into this when we'll remaster this soundtrack!
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