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Found another Megadrive recording project!

Quite of a lot of games were done too! donluca, what's your opinion on the hardware used and such? Awesome to see other projects like this crop up!

edit: seems like the amp was replaced with an unfiltered one with their project. I personally like the sound of the Genesis' filtering on the model 1's, as it's the original sound I grew to love, so comparing releases from here and that thread I have to side with 16-bit Audiophile Project's versions here. I find the unfiltered ones have a bit too much treble for my taste, AND I hear aliasing in a lot of tracks that aren't on the versions here. But they're still a great alternative to emulated sets.
That's a lot of work right there, I might chime in that thread and pushing the OP to keep up the good work.

Although I really don't like that he's making all tracks 2 minutes long... I prefer to have complete loops!

And, well, there's actually several other problems with his setup, but if they sound good to people, then that's great, who am I to judge? Tongue
He's recording via a line in port, same as my recordings.

Difference is I'm monitoring audio levels through a sound mixer (to optimise the audio) and he's using digital cleaning techniques to tidy up the noise.

That seems to have raised a debate over there on the quality of the sound - as some are arguing more semipro sound recorders are/aren't necessary.

I'll have to listen tonight, but by the sounds of the feedback he is receiving some soundcard fuzz which will hopefully make 16bit Audiophile a better quality.

Looking forward to improving my set up again (improved the mixing desk two weeks ago), I dunno how much this guy wants to do that.
I'm downloading his Knuckles Chaotix recordings because I'm recording that soundtrack myself atm, and want to hear the quality comparison.
I'm not enthusiastic about his note;
"Exact cropping between songs was difficult, because each song starts with 0 delay"
I'll admit it's a pain in the arse, but you can cut each song by pressing Start to send you back to the title screen, then re-enter the Sound Test. When you enter the Sound Test, no music plays so you can get a clean cut. That's what I'm doing anyway. 41 tracks though x_x Gonna be a lot of jumping back and forth.

EDIT: His cropping seems to be well placed despite the note he left. Maybe he was just cataloguing the fact it was difficult.
As for the recording. Well his recording is louder than mine, but also includes piercing high notes. I reduced the volume because later tracks in the soundtrack are louder than earlier ones, and donluca said to keep the volume the same throughout the recording process. With Chaotix, the volume goes up and down from track to track, so I prepped the audio to remove clipping which leaves other tracks quieter.

His instruments are slightly more distinct (I can only assume due to his use of a MD1, I'm using a Multimega which uses the lower quality audio chip), but at the price of aggressive high notes, noise (Or noise removal distortion, can't really tell which, probably a mixture of both) and analog fuzz caused by a lack of an appropriate ADC (Which I now have, yay).

He's obviously got the right idea, and the right console for the recording, but he definitely needs an external ADC, to turn his volume/high notes down a bit and to keep away from the dreaded post production editing suite.
Ugh, the multimega is really an awful console to record from.

I'd rather make it myself since project2612 managed to extract the vgm from the game so I can play them back on my mega drive (checked yesterday).

I'd say do it for now, if you want, and then I can remaster it at a later stage.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
lol I did ask you a while ago and mentioned I was using a Multimega and you said "Go for it" :p

EDIT: You literally replied this after I'd updated the site with the release. It's not bad. I can definitely agree with what you're saying on the Multimega chip vs the Mega Drive 1, however the quality of the recording is very strong. I'm all for you remastering the soundtrack, I'm sure you could pull more from it, however I did go through the audio jack out (same as the Mega Drive 1) and not out of the AV Out at the back/side of the console. It's cleaner than the tracks this guy has, it's more controlled and sounds more like your recordings. The MD1 gives instrumentation more individual clarity, but the MM isn't that terrible. Listen for yourself to the tracks.

I absolutely look forward to your remaster though. Your MD is the nuts. Big Grin
(04-06-2015, 01:30 PM)Roareye Wrote: lol I did ask you a while ago and mentioned I was using a Multimega and you said "Go for it" :p

Oh God, did I? Big Grin

I've been very tired lately, but I'm absolutely ok with that and I'm confident you did a great job with it! Smile

Also, are you enjoying our powerful News Bot? Tongue
It also posts automatically to our facebook and twitter pages, so it's all automated #heilSkynet
Just one thing: instead of repeating the news thread in the Releases forum, copy-paste the content of the release page, so they have access to all the download options in one shot. Wink

Look at the Gunstar Heroes threads! Wink

EDIT: now I remember: when I said go for it I wasn't aware that project2612 managed to get the vgms out of Knuckles Chaotix, so I was stuck thinking that I needed a 32X to rip it.
Oh well, not really an issue, you actually took a lot of work off my shoulders Big Grin

EDIT 2: Argh! Sending you a PM right now, I have to tell you a couple of things!
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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