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Haggars retrogaming setup!
[Image: Setup-Pano.jpg]

Haggar posted a lot of pictures of his setup at his website and, man, is it awesome! You can find more at !

I'm sure everyone of you has their own unique and interesting setup so why don't you take this chance to show it to us? :]

Follow the link to the forum's thread and post the pics of your retrogaming paradise!
That is an awesome collection. I'm jealous :p

He does indeed have an awesome set up. I've got a pretty decent one myself, I'll try and snap it for you guys and add it here too. There's still some development to be done to improve my setup (new coffee table with built-in retro console slots cos my sofa is too far away from them to play with wired controllers anymore Sad ) but I have a couple of rare consoles which is cool - but Haggar has definitely slapped me with his vast retro assortment there :p
Thanks for the kind words, I will try to add a few more pictures this weekend.

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