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Hi, I'm new to the forums but not the site, I tried registering way back but got errors or something.

I've been a huge fan of this project, the Genesis is one of my favourite systems and I always loved the architecture of the thing since it was one of the few popular systems to use FM-Synth.

Hoping to support some requests and maybe make a few of my own.
Hello and welcome to the site and new boards. We are mid-migration atm so its a little quiet in here but it will become a little more lively soon. In the meantime feel free to make some new topics or add/support requests as you like. We have a couple of great releases coming so hopefully you'll stay tuned for those Smile
Welcome to the boards!

Make yourself comfortable and feel free to make some requests!

We're pretty busy as we're in the middle of something big, but we always check the forum daily Wink
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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