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Hi everyone, I'm Gajknight from the UK!
Hello all Big Grin! I came here mainly because I was looking for FLAC versions of the Sonic soundtracks and this was the only place to download them without torrents. Then I saw the Streets of Rage OST and other classics and... kinda... wet myself. Just had to join the forums after that.

I enjoy gaming. Playstation fan since my PS1, have all the systems (even the under-rated Vita). Love reading, mainly classics. Up and coming audiophile, it's FLAC or nothing for me :wink:. 

I don't mind offering feedback on tracks if it's needed. I will say that Sonic 1,2,3 and the Streets of Rage OST are the best I've heard anywhere so that's a start. I can't upload anything because I don't have the necessary equipment or skill to match this sites high, high standard. Essentially, I'll test the tracks out.

Thanks for the high quality music, hope this site only gets bigger here on out. A request: Revenge of Shinobi.


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