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Hi guys.
I'm Moose. I thought I'd register to see if I could be of assistance in any way.

Until the end of June, I am 17 years old and I'm from somewhere near Washington DC.

I enjoy quite a lot of things, from watching (and making) stupid videos to listening to (and writing) music. You can see some of my work on YT.

I joined this community because I believe this is a great service for people who want to listen to Genesis music as played by an actual console, rather than emulators, and I would love to be of assistance in any way possible.

See you around!
Hi Moose!

Welcome to the community!

I really appreciate your will of supporting us. Registering here and making your voice (and opinion!) heard is one of our most appreciated form of support!

Right now everyone is super busy with a lot of stuff and can't really focus on the project.

The situation will dramatically change at the beginning of June with me pumping out as many releases as possible.

As of now, you can further support us by making a couple of requests (if you have any!) of games you'd like to see released: those are always welcomed!

Enjoy your stay here and see you around!

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