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How the Ecco the Dolphin release got added to Ecco PC
I'll propose this to Korama again, we talked about it already but decided that he had put enough work into the project by the time. Originally the Launcher was never supposed to receive a GUI, and would have been configured by editing the .INI file in a text editor. So I am actually really thankful that Korama put so much extra work into the project already.

Still, in the future there may be coming more updates coming to Ecco PC, as there are still some functions we'd like to see added to the game. One of those would be the addition of parallax scrolling to Ecco PC's high resolution mode which it is currently lacking. So, maybe VGM support could accompany this upgrade! Smile But this depends on our (or rather Korama's) time and motivation.

<div class="bbcode_quote">
<div class="bbcode_quote_head">Quote:</div>
<div class="bbcode_quote_body"><b>Quote from donluca on October 5, 2014, 00:11</b>

Sorry Kirishima, I feel like I'm missing your point here.

Care to explain a bit further on the matter?

The Enhanced Ecco PC version features a wide array of soundtracks you can choose from, and now you have the choice between OGG Vorbis compressed format to save some precious space on your hard disk or the OGG contained FLAC version to get higher quality.

Why should he be using ADX (can't, closed format and proprietary) or GENH?</div>

I was just talking nonsense at that moment. I apologize (yeah, i was completely missing the

Update after a bit of soda mania:

I made that statement after reading one of your previous posts. I don't know what I was thinking mentioning adx. Genh is just for giving headerless audio (be it raw pcm, adpcm, mp3) a header. But yeah, should've read the article more thoroughly before naming more formats with looping capabilities that anyone can make.

I'll stop talking now.

A bit of news from my side based on Korama's most recent input: Loop points can also be assigned to FLAC. I wish I had known that before going for OGG FLAC, cause that would've saved me quite a bit of work. Adding loop points to FLAC works simply by adding extended tags called LOOPSTART and LOOPLENGTH, just as you'd do with OGG files. In fact I was able to copy all tags from the loopable OGGs to the original FLACs and they worked immediately... Oh dear...! X)
Oh well, it seems like patch 1.11 will be out soon then Tongue
Nah, there is no need to do this now, as everything works just as well with the OGG FLAC tracks. There is another small error I accidentally added in v1.1, but most people will probably not notice it. This will all be fixed after a while, hopefully with the next major release with feature upgrades - but we don't know when this will come. It takes quite a while to upload the full packs to all the mirrors, you know. Wink

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