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[IMPORTANT] Broken links Reporting
I've reuploaded both the MP3 and 96/24 tracks for Sonic Spinball since those were taken down.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
(02-03-2017, 11:54 PM)FortheloveofVGM Wrote: Broken Link Found

Genesis/Megadrive - Red Zone - 92/24 part 3 gives error on mediafire

"Invalid or Deleted File.

The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire."

I'm slowly uploading the entire 96/24 tracks again.

Still a couple of chunks away, hopefully I'll get them done this week.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Red Zone 96/24 reuploaded! Let me know if there are issues.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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