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[IMPORTANT] When will my request be fulfilled?
Alright, for all you wondering "When will my request be fulfilled?" or "Why haven't you fulfilled my request yet?", here's how we work.

Our priorities are:

- The most popular/requested albums

- The oldest requests on the forums

To try and keep it fair, we try to alternate between popular releases and oldest requests. If it's quiet, then we will endeavour to release a soundtrack not requested.

This means that if we've just released a soundtrack that has been highly requested by many users, then our next release will be the oldest request made regardless of the number of people asking for it.

We feel that this is a fair system so that people asking for soundtracks of less popular/more obscure titles will still see their request fulfilled sooner or later, while popular demand is still catered for.

Bear in mind that if there are two titles with the same number of requests, the oldest one will be fulfilled first.

This system may be subject to change over time, if you have better ideas on how to fulfill requests, feel free to open a thread in the Suggestion sub-forum and talk about it.

What about requests that are put on STANDBY status?

These requests follow the above rules with the exception that when it will be their turn, if they are still on STANDBY status they will be queued until we will have figured out what to do with it.

So, let's say that it is the turn of a request that it's on STANDBY status – it will be queued and the next one will be made. Meanwhile, after we've released that soundtrack, the STANDBY status is gone because we know what to do, so next release it will be the request that was on STANDBY status, regardless of all the others, because it had been queued before.

There could be several reasons a request goes into STANDBY status, including a need to locate the title. If your request goes into STANDBY status it is always for a good reason, and we will try to ensure as few titles enter STANDBY status as much as we possibly can.

- The Team

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