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I would love to see a release of <b>LANDSTALKER</b>! Smile

It's really one of my favorite OSTs, with a mix of epic, relaxing, eerie, joyful and scary tracks!

[Image: 2370699-genesis_landstalker.jpg]

This is the French cover :

[Image: landstalker.jpg]

Great game and good soundtrack. The cover should use the japanese version:

[Image: 21464_front.jpg]
Sure, I'll upvote this one =]
"I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy."
Excellent game, but yeah, that American art is just terrible.
I love this game's soundtrack
Well... This is the favourite gaming adventure of all my life! And I can't get tired of that fantasy world's fullness created by very talented guys. The music is what attracted me there once I started the game first. And it still surprises me how beautiful it is. A perfect addition to a very fun game itself. Might not be the same without the music though.
This soundtrack was released on CD, but it was a bit amended here and there and I don't like that much since I always prefer things as authentic as they could be.
So there's a lot of stunning music for Sega games, but this is my main vote Smile I would really-really love to see this happen someday that original-sounding music from this game gets a release here inside this project in its maximum glory and quality.
Thank you for all your work, guys! You are doing a very very good thing! All the best to you all!
This is my #1

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