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Light Crusader
Hi, I'd really love to see Light Crusader release. A very well done music production for the Genesis/Megadrive and in my opinion one of the best RPG-Action games for the Genesis.

My favorite tracks are:

Light Crusader OST - 02 King Weeden's Castle:

Light Crusader OST - 08 Grave Matters:

Cover Art:

[Image: 58407-light-crusader-genesis-front-cover.jpg]

Thank You very much!
I second this!
"I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy."
Amazing game with amazing soundtrack which shows a lot of effort from composer. People were doing something not common for them - western-themed game and music had to contribute to that. I don't know if it did, I guess it even exceeds what it was expected from it ) But music sounds really interesting and in some way special. As far as I know, the soundtrack has never been released, so it would be great to hear it in the original quality.
An interesting soundtrack for sure! My favorite from Treasure, actually.

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