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MEGADRIVE is better than Genesis
Gee it took me a long time, but I finally noticed something quite disturbing just now...

Most of the releases covers display "GENESIS"... not <b>"MEGADRIVE"</b>...

Ok, so here goes... Some people are going to get angry, I can feel it, but I have to say...

Why do we always have to please American?

"Genesis" was used in America only and maybe a bunch of other countries...

"Megadrive" is the REAL Japanese name, which was used in the vast majority of Europe (I don't know about UK).

Even South America used "Megadrive"...

All Asia used "Megadrive"....

Also, this website seems to be Italy-based, right? Italy used "Megadrive" as well.

So why should we use Genesis?

Are most of the users of this website American? I sure am not.

Bottom line, only a TINY MINORITY of people all over the world used "Genesis"...

Genesis is the name of a great 80s band, for god's sake, not a game console! XD

Also Megadrive just sounds way better than Genesis.

Even the covers looked better!

I propose that we change ALL of the covers to "Megadrive", in respect to the majority of the gamers all over the world.

If you want, you can propose BOTH Genesis and Megadrive covers in the releases section, but not Genesis only, please.

It's a pure aesthetic choice, nothing else.

We decided this with Truepack when making the pattern for our covers and "Mega Drive" didn't fit well because it was too long.

If you noticed, apart from the covers, I always try to name both Mega Drive/Genesis when speaking of SEGA's beloved console out of respect for all the guys over the world that enjoyed it.

Besides... your "tiny minority" is a whooping 19 million out of the estimated 29 million consoles sold until discontinued (this is not considering the clones and the "unofficial revisions" that came out after 1999). That's not what I'd call a "tiny minority" myself.

There was an interesting article somewhere on Reddit about the downfall of SEGA, about how the US market managed to impact the Nintendo supremacy and how SEGA of Japan still succeeded in ruining it all by forcing the Saturn release when the MD/Genesis was still going incredibly strong in the US thanks partly to the add-ons it received. It explained quite clearly how the common knowledge that "the 32X killed SEGA" is false and the Saturn is the actual culprit since it started internal concurrence between the 2 consoles, leading to the premature death of the Saturn.

Anyway... we won't be changing the pattern for our covers because, imho, they look really good and that's the point about a cover: it must make visual impact on those looking at it.

If you don't like it, by any means feel free to edit/remove it and shape it to your preference.

And keep it to yourself, of course.
"And keep it to yourself, of course."

huh? why?

Maybe other people would like Megadrive covers... Aw well anyway...

As for the 29 millions, it's more like 40 millions(estimation), and I admit, it's 50/50.

20 millions in USA, 20 millions in the rest of the world.

As for the point of the cover... Well, looking good is important, but people like me who look for old OSTs are usually also very

nostalgic, so that's another thing to keep in mind and one of the main reasons I use Megadrive covers only.

I actually had the real games back then, so I feel very nostalgic whenever I look at them.

I feel NOTHING for the Genesis name and their covers.

That's why I just proposed to have a choice of both covers.

Anyway... Nowadays on the net, everything has to be pro-American, huh? Sigh...


found a poll on "Megadrive VS Genesis", in an American forum... lol

And it's almost 50/50.

So even these people(most of them are American, according to what they say) seem very divided about that.

Almost half of them prefer Megadrive.

So we shouldn't use Megadrive only cos it's 50% of the sales worldwide...

But also cos EVEN American love the name.

It's down to people's preferences. As already stated, we used "Genesis" on our covers because there wasn't enough space for "Mega Drive" and it would result in a font too small to be read comfortably.

We're not favoring US people or anything, it's just a cosmetic thing.

If you want my personal opinion, for all that matters as I always put the community on the first place instead of my own preferences, I prefer Genesis despite being european as I find the name more evocative than Mega Drive which, on the other hand, is rather "plain".
Well do you want the music or not? You can also replace the graphic if that you're that concerned about artwork.
Okay. I'll agree Mega Drive is the correct name, and personally the one I'd most prefer. Like yourself I owned these machines as a kid, and in fact have loads of Mega Drive variations. Brazil amd the US were the only countries to use the Genesis naming, even France (with their pointless Secam system) used the Mega Drive naming.

But you've had your answer, Mega Drive as a name is too long for the square shaped CD cover art. Bear in mind Mega Drive boxart (which our CD art is based on) was taller than it was wide, whuch allowed for the word length. If I had my preference, I'd like this site to have cover art for each region - but doing so quadruples the workload for no real reward. Considering this is a free unpaid service you can only expect so much. I'm sure Truepack would happily redesign these covers for you for a price. As this issue means a lot to you, that'd be my suggested course of action. For the rest of us? I think we can, at worst, "tolerate" the Genesis name and continue to applaud these guys for the free work they do.
No problem, and I agree with you.

For now, in Winamp, I installed a plugin which displays a BIG cover art and I either use screenshots or Megadrive covers.

It's called "Album Art Viewer"(v1.03) and it looks like that =>

[Image: 2je3ayr.jpg]

Looks nice huh? Oh I didn't do that cover myself, I downloaded it somewhere, but I don't remember where...

I admit it would be very hard work to redesign everything anyway.

I'm happy with what I got already. he he Smile
Just to throw in my two cents... as much as I <i>personally</i> find the name Mega Drive more pleasing, the term Genesis is likely the correct one to use in the context of this website. It's not a question of numbers (arguably, more of the world knows Sega's 16-bit machine as the Mega Drive) but one of audience: The majority of English speakers will be most familiar with the term Genesis.

Whether it be Mega Drive or Genesis, let's not get caught up over branding. FM is awesome in any region Smile

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