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MONTH OF AMIGA - New Release Tomorrow
[Image: amiga500.jpg]

With DonLuca having a holiday, there'll be no Mega Drive releases for August. But luckily we still have one arm of the releases active, and it is the arm that has seen few releases so far - the Amiga side.

With that in mind, let's make August the month of the Amiga!

I'll try to release several soundtracks this month - an attempt at one a week minimum, we need to pad that list out after all. This will be useful in some ways as it will allow me to release a few less exciting releases alongside bigger names to both get releases out and not annoy people that all they got was Maths Drill.

We already saw Captain Planet and the Planeteers get a release on the 5th, and felt that a 3 day wait was a better spread than a two day wait (The next release is already locked and loaded, ready for me to launch).

So please <i>join me</i> in making this a celebration of all things <b>AMIGA</b>!


Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Pinball Dreams [Needs re-recording]


Shadow of the Beast [Awaiting Purchase]

Zool 2
Wooooo Roareye is on a release spree!

Even if I'm in the middle of a forest, the 3G God blessed me with internet connection!

Keep 'em coming! Big Grin

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