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MUSHA released!
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Click on the image to go to the download page[/caption]



If you're a SHMUP fan, you really can't have missed MUSHA all this time.
If you haven't played it, this is a game I personally recommend giving a spin because it's truly fantastic (and its sequel, MUSHA Aleste, on MegaCD IMHO isn't as good).

And the music is good as well!

Thanks to our contributor, Richard Mixin, for providing us another fantastic soundtrack.

In case you've missed our previous post, here's a friendly reminder to all of our contributors (present and future!) that we've updated our VGM Player along with our guidelines, so if you're planning on recording and submitting a contribution, please make sure to go through them!

See you next week!

(you can read the original article here: MUSHA released! )
Many thanks, this is one of the greatest games on Genesis.

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