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Mortal Kombat
Hi! I'm looking for a working download link (torrent preferrably) of the Mortal Kombat release as listed on the main site:

[Image: Ip8L3mS.png]

Thank you!
Er, sorry. I didn't see the Releases forum. I'll take a look there. Feel free to delete this thread.
If torrents/direct downloads are broken, send Roareye a mail at

He's the one managing the Amiga releases!
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
I sent an email, he replied, and thus far the issue is not resolved. Sad

Roareye Wrote:I apologize, these were supposed to be moved in with the Mega Drive releases on the server. It's possible the recent server migration set these back to the old addresses, I'll have them reassigned and let you know when that's completed.

Rory J.
Did you try the master list as previously suggested?
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
The direct download links are dead, but the Torrents are still supposed to be active. The servers I upload to delete the direct links everytime because of copyright over Mortal Kombat specifically. The Torrents don't have this issue and Mortal Kombat should be accessible via the Master List through Torrent. That said, there are some more games awaiting updates but MK should already be downloadable.

Let us know if you run into more problems.

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