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Outrun Soundtrack: OST vs 16-bit Audiophile Project Release
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Jeez, the 16BAP version sounds way better than the official OST.

Just listening to the first 15 seconds of the first song of each version is all you need to hear the difference. It's really a shame that paid sound engineers think this is good enough when there's a massively better version, in three formats, available for FREE!

Also like that chinese MP3 player example. Very apt. Smile
Well explained why I never really liked original soundtrack discs. It seems these guys use emulators instead of original hardware. They may like the more the "blippy and bloopy" sound. It's a shame because the packaging of stuff like Monster World OST is gorgeous. Would they sound as well as these releases...
That's one point I forgot to discuss in the article: it seems that the "blippy bloopy" sound is the cool stuff in the retrogaming world, but honestly I can't understand why.

It isn't even a nostalgic feeling as the original hardware never sounded so thin and harsh, I guess that's how new generations (>1995) think that old consoles sound. Probably they never owned an original Mega Drive/SNES and only played the games on emulators or unofficial re-releases like the Blaze ones, which have different circuitry inside them (thus making them incompatible with some games).

I'll probably write more in the future about this, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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