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Props to you guys.
I love that you are working on recording soundtracks from old Sega games!
When I was younger, we had a copy of Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the computer. One of the options in that version was to use the emulators soundfont bank, or use your computers. We were using an Quantex Windows 95 and I don't know what kind of sound card it came with, but it had a super good soundfont bank!
I made recordings of the music as best I could, but being ignorant of proper recording volume levels, my recordings had a lot of clipping.
That computer is long gone. I have tried to figure out how to run a better soundfont bank on Windows 7, but no luck so far.

I'm wondering if instead of just working of recapturing the original sounding soundtracks, if high quality soundfont reproduction would be an option as well?

I still have those recordings. I'm not sure how to yet, but I would love to provide a sample if anyone is interested.
Sounds like an interesting idea for a side-project, but right now I hardly have any time to fulfill requests, let alone doing something else! Tongue
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
The PC collection of S3&K wasn't emulated AFAIK; what you're actually hearing was MIDI files included with the game using the soundfont. What you can do is copy the soundfont file from your S3&K PC disc and load it up in something like BASSMIDI and play the MIDI files to get an exact replication of what you heard back then (though I had the same game and didn't recall seeing any soundfont file there on the disc.)

Some old soundcards used their own soundfont, and with that you have to find a way to rip it from the card. Here's a link to a thread discussing the Soundblaster AWE32 soundfont with some links; probably the most common card of the mid 90's

These obviously weren't on the original Genesis cart, nor worked the same way. Someone had to actually RECREATE the music for MIDI on the PC.

Here's a link of the S&K MIDIs someone ripped from the PC game:

With the Genesis or ANY thing else, what you can do is find MIDIs people made of whatever music and load up whatever soundfont you like in BASSMIDI or anything similar to achieve what you're suggesting. There are LOADS of soundfonts out there to try, just google search.
Man, you're a hero!
I know for sure that it was not a sound blaster of any kind. We had one in our next computer and it had so many more cool options. But, the soundfont bank did not sound as beautiful.

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