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QuackShot Starring Donald Duck
The example on top of this board reminded me of this little gem. And I'd really love to see music to this beautiful and fun game released one day. This game is very special to me and I find the sound and music in it very interesting and different from the most games on the system. It was written by the same composer as for "Castle of Illusion", Shigenori Kamiya. These soundtracks share similarities, plus this one has adventurous, exploration feeling it needs as the genre of the game suggests.
Does anybody else consider this music beautiful?

Here's the cover art:
[Image: 24281_594434.jpg]

I don't know about the special requests. I'd love having everything from the game ) I'm not sure about what will be considered "jingles" in the process. I guess the main soundtrack would be more than enough. Hopefully we'll see it released someday!
Yes, finally someone requsted it! Big Grin

I'm putting my own vote for this one, I really loved the soundtrack as well.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Wow, I've just noticed the date of that example post and am very surprised no one requested this since 2012! Such a lovely game and music.
I agree, great soundtrack

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