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RYMCast: public beta-testing phase
Hi all,

As a matter of fact, we kinda over anticipated the release date for RYMCast Wink

But, we're very happy to announce the immediate launch of a public beta-testing phase for our new Genesis VGM Player.

Here are the download links:

Bugs can be fed into our bugtracker:

There are still some minor things to be fixed at the moment, but it's mostly UX related. RYMCast core audio features should be stable.

Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome, either on this board, or via email:

Thanks a lot to you all for your support. We hope you'll enjoy RYMCast.


Great! I'll download ASAP and try it out, there are some well known "problematic" tracks I'd love to hear on RYMCast to see how it handles them.

Also, I feel like this deserves better visibility, so I'll try to make a public post about this when I have time.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
(20-01-2017, 08:02 PM)donluca Wrote: Great! I'll download ASAP and try it out, there are some well known "problematic" tracks I'd love to hear on RYMCast to see how it handles them.

Also, I feel like this deserves better visibility, so I'll try to make a public post about this when I have time.

Hi donluca,

I'd be very interested to know if those "problematic" tracks passed the test successfully! Tell me about it Smile


I've been incredibly busy as of late, I remember I tried a couple of tracks but IIRC they sounded fine to my ears.

Have to do an A/B test to make sure though, I'll let you know how it goes!
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Great! Thanks!
I would like to thank you for your fantastic work so far and for providing a linux client!

I might be able to help out with some problematic tracks.
For a couple of years now I have been searching for a genesis music player that can playback the soundtrack of "The Hybrid Front" correctly.

So far I haven't managed to find one that didn't butcher some of the tracks.

However, RYMCast is the best one yet. But sadly it's not 100% good yet.

Here is a playlist of the soundtrack recorded from what I assume to be the original hardware:

Sadly the track titles differs a little bit from the .vgz files I found, so I'll list the problematic tracks here with both the youtube title and .vgz title.
I will only list the major nitpicks I have here as I don't know if the sound quality of the youtube renditions are good enough to use as a 100% faithfull reference.

[Tactics Preparation / Pilot Set-Up]
The sound from SN1 and SN2 I feel isn't as distinct as in the youtube version.

[Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 1 / Theme of Mule No. 2.]
The "metalic" sound from the ym4 channel seems a bit too pronounced. Perhaps the sound from SN1/2 that begins playing at the 00:44 mark is a bit hard to make out?

[Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 2 / Theme of Mule No. 1.]
The "bells" in the ym4 channel seems a bit too loud and I feel that it the overall playback sounds less "aggressive" than the rendition on youtube.

[Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 3 / Theme of Mule No. 3.]
Shortly after the song start, the sound that plays in YM1,YM4 and YM5 seems to "struggle" to get the sound they want to make. I guess that the volume ramps up and down too much on them so they feel "shy" to me compairing to the youtube playback.

[Earth ~ Rebellion Fight BGM 2 / Theme of Cocoon (Ground Forces) No. 2]
As with "Pilot Set-Up." and "Theme of Mule No. 2.", I feel like the sound from SN1/2 isn't as distinct as in the youtube audio. For me at least, I feel like they are a lot harder to make out and gets drowned out much more than they perhaps should be.

I hope that my nitpicks are valid and that I have explained them well enough.
I might throw out a recording in mp3 (for convenience purposes, my upload speeds are crap) of these tracks just to make sure.

I'll see if I can do it tomorrow.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
There you go @ZedDB :

I've made a single MP3 file with the tracks following the order you gave in the previous post.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Ah well, I can't really hear any difference between the rip from @donluca and RYMCast Sad

Well that is good, but I guess that I were just too used to how the low quality youtube rip sounded. Or maybe it was just recorded on an other genesis revision than what you have @donluca?

There seems to be alot of small differences:

But perhaps they are not that huge compaired to say the C64 soundchip revisions?
And I guess that it's out of the scope of RYMCast to emulate all of the different genesis revisions out there... Tongue

Anyways the only problem I found now was with "Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 2". When I export there seems to be a missplayed sound directly after the opening "Lets go!".

However, when I play it back live in RYMCast for the first time it is not there. But if I start playback and then click the timeline to restart the playback at 0:00, it nearly always audiable there too. I can upload a sample of it if you guys can't reproduce it on your end.
Hi all,

Many thanks for your kind words and support. I'm glad it turned out there is no difference between @donluca's recording and RYMCast.

However, @ZedDB, what you describe about "Earth ~ Sukarabe Fight BGM 2" is probably related to this issue: (BTW, this Mantis bugtracker instance is open to anyone, so feel free to report any issue or feature suggestion)

If I understood what you said, it's playing as excepted but only the first time, right? That'd confirm it's the same issue. It's mainly a matter of correctly resetting the internal YM2612 registers, which is not the case at the moment. It's a pretty small issue. I'll fix this as soon as possible.

About emulating different Genesis models? Well, RYMCast's audio renderer has a lot of tweakable parameters which I deliberately choose to fine tune in respect to 16-bit Audiophile Project recordings and hardware setup. A lot of these parameters are actually exposed as command line arguments, so if you want to tickle a little with these, please tell me. Command line arguments are mainly intended to allow scriptable operations with RYMCast (like exporting HQ FLAC version of a whole soundtrack, etc). More on that shortly.



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