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I've been looking at the equipment you have and the way things are done and have a specific question. When you record, do all the components/audio channels come into Audacity as one single sound wave?

What I am hoping to do is use these individual/separated files to create a 5.1 surround sound mix of the track (As I love to learn how to do these editing skills), and while I appreciate it won't then be a 100% accurate representation of the Mega Drive's sound chip, it would be interesting to hear a track in this format. Is possible to record the individual instruments in the song as separate sound files, more separation than a single wave would be handy (Though I can separate into left and right quite easily, so long as your left and right stereo channels are different).

Bear in mind there are not many 5.1 game soundtracks. I own Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory's soundtrack on DVD-Audio (A defunct format intended to replace CDs), and it is the ONLY officially released 5.1 soundtrack ever. I am, however, aware that Richard Jacques made Headhunter Redemption's soundtrack in 5.1 because he stated as such during a pre-talk for the first Summer of Sonic. This was unfortunately never released for purchase.


Please, do let me know and if it is possible for you to do this, are you able to get me a song in this separated form? Preferably Final Boss from Sonic 3, but I will honestly take any song that is easiest for you, though a Sonic track would allow me more ability to share it and this site with the Summer of Sonic audience. I will understand if this is unfeasible, but even if it is a track you're doing for a new release that'd suit me. I will, of course, post the results on here for all to enjoy (And to the Sonic community with full credit back to here should it be a Sonic track) if you can help me.

Surround Sound can be played back on any modern computer, and many programs can play the filetype (WAV). While the file is huge, and has six channels, a decent sound card can play them easily. I currently have my laptop wired to a 7.1 surround sound amp via optical cable, and this plays my surround sound music perfectly. While the market will be small, and the file type huge, I believe it would be of extreme interest to many people.


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