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Recording games with quieter music
This is an excellent question.

Thanks to MDFourier we've seen that there is indeed a difference when using new, fresh capacitors, but only because the old ones have started drying up.

As our goal is trying to get as closest as possible to a mint, genuine first version Mega Drive (there'll be an article about that soon ), YES, recapped consoles are not only accepted, but actively encouraged if you can run MDFourier and test against good consoles to see if your capacitors have started to drift.

Tests have been done about using high-end capacitors and the difference against "normal" caps is so small that for both economical and authenticity reasons, I'd say to just get bog standard (albeit not chinese unbranded ones) capacitors instead of high end ones.

I used to go for Panasonic FC electrolytic capacitors which were cheap and with good specs, not sure what Panasonic is selling right now.

EDIT: when submitting a contribution you should state that the console has been recapped in the mods info.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
Oh OK. Got it, thanks. Really appreciate your reply.
You're welcome! I feel like this should be added to the guidelines but they're already huge... I don't want to complicate them further :/
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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