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[Remaster] Ecco the Dolphin
I still check in every once in a while around here and I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see you guys still doing the lord's work. Tongue But anyway, this unique, classic soundtrack definitely deserves the 16BAP remastering treatment. So here's my vote. Smile
[Image: 30671-ecco-the-dolphin-genesis-front-cover.jpg]
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There are additional reasons to remaster this, but mainly because it has been used in a PC port made by Caverns of Hope so they'd definitely appreciate an improved version of the soundtrack.

The issue at the moment are 2:

≥ We need to relog the VGMs with blast'em
≥ We need the new Deadfish VGM Player

both are very intensive tasks and people have been very busy with their lives so I have no clue when we're going to be back in business.
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