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Remaster list [incomplete?]
Hey guys. For the past few days, I've been in the process of compiling myself a 16BAP collection (which is a beautiful thing btw Tongue see below ) to add to my music library.

[Image: 16bap.png]

I have them marked based on new setup recordings vs. old setup, and if I'm not mistaken you're missing a few titles from your "Unremastered" list at the bottom of this page...

If I'm not mistaken...

Elemental Master
Knuckles' Chaotix [32X]
Red Zone
Streets of Rage 2

...should be listed as well. Unless there's some special reason that I don't know about and I'm wrong, which is totally possible. Anyway, just a quick head's up, guys. Cheers!
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Thanks for all the small contributions you're doing to the project, I really appreciate that!

I can tell you straight away that Knuckles' Chaotix was made by @Roareye and not me, so we have to think a bit about what we should be doing about that: we can either leave it at that or remaster it (he might want to do it since he originally went for it).

About the other 3 I have to check them out. I have a note on my desktop which states "Before Ecco the Tides of Time - Remaster" which is in contrast with what I wrote in that thread.

I'll do a bit of backtracking and see what needs to be remastered and what not.
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Yeah, anytime. I actually wish I could help in some fuller capacity, but my technical know-how with many of these things is sadly limited. You sure about that donation?  Tongue
"I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy."
You're doing great, no need for any other kind of donation! Wink

As a side note, Ecco: The Tides of Time was the first of our soundtracks to feature the new recording chain and stuff, so everything before that needs to be remastered at some point.

This means that indeed Streets of Rage 2, Elemental Master and Red Zone should be on the list as well!

Thanks for reporting, I'll update the list!
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
I'll re-record it. It was recorded on my old setup using a Multimega.
I now have a non-TMSS Mega Drive I with the stereo outputs and higher quality sound chip. I'd rather re-release it with the higher quality than try and dig around for the muddy last release.
Roareye, would you mind adding your 32x recording setup to the equipment section of the FAQ? Heck I'd be curious to see your Amiga setup as well...
"I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy."
I can, but my set up is much simpler than donluca's.

Generally I use the Mega Drive I's stereo jack out (or I will do when I rerecord Chaotix, that was via the jack out of a Multimega which has a worse sound chip) direct into my new custom built PC.

The Amiga I'm now using is a CD32, and I'm working with the dudes at Unofficial CD32 Ports to play the original Amiga games and music from the source audio files. While the CD32 does CD audio, I'm not interested in it for this project. The CD32 (along with the Amiga 1200) has the best sound chip from Commodore, and adds more fidelity and instrumentation to the audio files of Amiga games.

The Rig itself cost £2500, and is built for my cinematography work at 4K RAW, however as part of the editing process it includes lossless audio recording up to 192khz/32bit for 8 channels of sound (7.1 surround sound) and I listen to everything back via a dedicated Onkyo surround sound amplifier and Mission speakers.

My setup overall is simpler than Donluca's but hopefully the recordings sound comparable to his on this new set up. Big Run and Alien Breed both sounded better I think.

Was that the sort of information you wanted? If not, let me know Smile
@Roareye remember you can freely edit any page on the website, as you're admin. (or at least I think)
So if you want to update the FAQ/Equipment page (which is long for a overdue on my part) go for it!
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
can you repoduse the battletoads double dragon and zero the kamikaze squirrel, ita amazing music. Great regards from Norway

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