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[STANDBY] Shadow of the Beast
[Image: Shadow_of_the_beast_cover_art.jpg]

If I recall correctly this was asked by @Pig_Saint, but somehow his post got lost during the latest migration so here it is Smile

Amazing soundtrack, very atmospheric.

Would love to download it. Smile
I've popped this release on standby while I try and find a copy of it :p Will update as soon as I can get my hands on it.
I've finally gotten this game and have been recording tracks, and have 8 tracks all recorded and ready to go. However there are three tracks on the lemonamiga website (on their site-built sound player) which I do not have and do not know how to find in the game.
These are;
1/4: beast-playtune2
2/4: beast-playtune3
4/4: beast-playtune5

I have 3/4: beast-playtune4 as it is the tree cavern from the start of the game. Odd lemonamiga doesn't have the title theme, title screen or the forest music, as I said I have 8 tracks, and their list clearly misses playtune1. Anyway, does anyone know where you have to go in game to find the areas that play these tracks?
uhm, have you tried looking at a LongPlay on youtube? Or maybe a 100% category speedrun, if such thing exists.
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