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[STANDBY] Universal Soldier
<i><b>Universal Soldier</b></i> is an action game released for the Sega Mega Drive in 1992.

[Image: UniversalSoldier_MD_US_Box_Front.jpg]

a track from the game 


That sounds like a low resolution copy of the Turrican II (Secret Dungeons track) music by Chris Hulsbeck!

J. Dave RogersPaul Kenny are listed on Mobygames as the composers, however it also lists 14 staff worked on Turrican too -

That is a literal carbon copy, and if you ever wondered what it sounds like in higher quality, you can find as such on Turrican II on the Amiga, and even more recent remakes by Chris Hulsbeck himself on Immortal 3 (A music series that has Amiga music tracks remade by the original composers).

That is the original Turrican II track from 1991, Universal Soldier was released in 1992.

I couldn't find the Immortal 3 versions on YT, I'm guessing they get removed for copyright reasons, however I have the CD and it is Track 5 of Disc 1 of Immortal 3. Interesting note, I thought. Smile

Thank you for the information.

Yes I do know it's a port but I had Universal Soldier at the time and I didn't even know what Turrican was when I was 8, I grew up playing Universal Soldier so I prefer it, obviously people who grew up playing Turrican are going to be like well what a rip off, I would probably say the same if I knew at the time. 

I actually prefer Universal Soldiers sound more that's me I guess.

Something is wrong either with our software or the VGM files as these become huge when converted thus making me unable to dump them on the flashcart.

Will investigate on the matter asap.
I just wanted to say first that I really appreciate the awesome work you guys put in. I wonder what the problem is? was it Audacity or the VGM files?
I believe it's in the VGM file. When each track gets converted into a readable format for the VGM Player it becomes a 4MB file which is insane. There's definitely something wrong with the VGM.

Something similar already happened with the VGMs of Comix Zone (which has to be ripped again *sigh* ) as those VGMs had a lot of "garbage data" in them but thanks to Michael (the one who coded the VGM Player) he modified the software to ignore the corrupted data.

I may try giving him a shout again and see if he can figure this out.
Also, I'm really sorry about this.

You made this request more than a year ago, only to go in standby status now.

I can tell you I would be really sad about this if it was me requesting this game, so I greatly appreciate your patience and devotion to our project.

I'll try my best to figure this out asap and get the game out, promised.
Just a quick heads up. You can listen to every track of the game from the main menu in options, so you could load the game ROM onto the flash cart and do it that way maybe?
That would be our plan B.

Unluckily when the Mega Drive processes video it creates quite a lot of interference with the audio chip, inducing noise.

We use our custom VGM Player because the graphics are static and are only black and white, thus making a minimum load and, as a result, the noise is minimized.

Always remember: the Mega Drive is a videogame console, not an audio player!

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