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Shining Force
Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention (シャイニング・フォース 神々の遺産 - Shining Force: Kamigami no Isan)

Composer: Masahiko Yoshimura

With the recent release of Shining Force II's soundtrack by aberu (BirdyBro), I figured maybe this would be a good time to request the original! While not as technically advanced as its sequel, it still has plenty of great melodies. My only special request would be that the handful of jingles (around 10) be included, as they're pretty significant to the overall presentation of the game. Heck, by definition, the title screen is a jingle! The game has a sound test that requires the game to have beaten, and I can provide whatever you might need for that (a save, etc.) if that'd be helpful. Thanks in advance!

[Image: bfe5a69ef54c53592e1ab319c316ea2f.jpg]

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