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Sonic Spinball music unavailable due to copyright infrigment?
Hi, I just want to start by saying I absolutely love the work that the 16-bit Audiophile Project is doing. To make sure that Mega Drive music is recorded in the most authentic way possible.

I've signed up to the forum because I've ran into a problem with the download links for Sonic Spinball.

Whenever I click on one of the MediaFire links I get an error message.

I've had a look at the links for other games on this website, only Sonic Spinball is affected by this 'copyright infringement' notice. I'm not sure what can be done about the notice but all the same I believe this matter is worth bringing to your attention.

Anyway, on a lighter note, I look forward to hearing all of the fantastic Mega Drive music that the 16-bit Audiophile Project will release in the future. Smile
Hi there!

Welcome to the project, and thanks for reporting this.

You can get the release by torrent, just check the Master List in the Release subforum for the torrent link.

We'll be re-upping the Sonic Spinball soundtrack asap on Mediafire.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

P.S.: I'd be really grateful if you could edit the Mediafire message out. The forum's content is indexed by Google and I prefer not to have such things around here.

Thanks. Smile
I've edited the MediaFire message out. Really sorry about that, I didn't consider that the message itself could be problematic. It's good to know that the links to Sonic Spinball will be restored.

Thanks for the quick reply. Also, I really just want to thank the 16-bit Audiophile Project for all the amazing work you're doing, by bringing more attention to all the great music in the Mega Drive's library of games.

A little later I might post a request for a specific Mega Drive game. I'll have to give the matter some thought, they are so many games to choose from.
Sure, go for it! Smile

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