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Sound Blaster or other FM synth
Have you considered doing any Sound Blaster, Adlib, OPL2, or OPL3 soundtracks? I assume you don't have an original sound blaster board.

Just asking because I really, really, really admire what you are doing. I've been collecting VGM since 1990 and I am an audiophile of sorts as well so I very much appreciate your high quality FLAC recordings.

In 100 years, I hope that your FLACs end up at the National Archives for all future humanity to appreciate.

Request: Can you please do all the original OPL3 versions of the PC game Wing Commander? I have the game and the MIDI's.


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Sound Blaster or other FM synth - HillaryForPrison - 27-07-2016, 07:43 PM

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