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The new release is ready and will be out soon!
Hi everyone!

The new release is ready and it's without doubt one of the most massive ones we've ever done so far.

28 tracks of pure bliss are coming very very soon.

On a side note, I'll be off to London for a week of total relax and I'll be back on the 5th of August and I hope to get at least other 2 releases out before I leave again and get back in September.

Stay tuned! :]
Sooo... where is it?

Kinda weird to announce it 3+ days beforehand.
I had a power outage on Saturday + Haggar's internet went down for 2 days (Sunday + Monday), so yeah... you got that 3 day delay Tongue

It should be up by the end of the week unless other weird stuff happens.

By the way, that's why I always say "soon" and not "in two-three-x days". We got also other priorities, this is not our job, we're doing this in our free time.
I wouldn't say anything until it's all ready and uploaded with working links. But that's me. :p
Fair enough. Smile

Dude, I know it can be irritating waiting for free music, but chill down. This is a hobby, not a job. :p
Again, it's best not to say anything until it's ready. Otherwise you'll get OCD autists like myself who'll go crazy when you don't deliver. It's not so much the waiting, as it is saying it's coming "very, very soon", and then two weeks pass, while checking the post a dozen times every day.

And the kicker is I'll probably absolutely HATE whatever soundtrack it is (or I'll already have it from Iron Goat's rips). :p
Yay, it's out! Contra: Hard Corps, good stuff. I had a feeling that might be it. :p Alas, I already have The Iron Goat's rip of it. You really should talk to him about maybe joining your group and combining your rips. He seems to have a lot more time on his hands for this stuff than you guys do. Would be a great asset to the project. Or maybe he wouldn't want to either. *shrugs* Just seems like a waste of time to be doing stuff that's already been done satisfactorily. Aside from trivialities like fade-out length and volume, they sound identical. He also rips all the jingles too, I think.

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