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It would be great to have the option of downloading entire game sound tracks.

Putting all the tracks of a single format up for download would be great.

If bandwidth is an issue, Torrenting is a good way to go.  You could offer all 3 formats in one torrent and let people filter out which format they want.  A single torrent is more likely to be seeded then 3 separate ones.


Hello donluca,

What about uploading your stuff on torrents again to have them well archived ? is a good site if you know about it. I can help you seed your stuff when you upload them there.

Also are you going to refine your old releases with better ones?
We're in the middle of some big changes where we'll need the help of our community.

The thing is, our releases are being used for critical work (emulation - FPGA) and the pre-remaster release unfortunately need to be remastered.
What I have in mind is that I could just make a huge recording session, upload the giant .wav file and have people from our community chopping it down to single tracks, add fadeout and proper tags. I can take care of the rest (converting to FLAC, MP3, adding album art, etc.).

About torrents: we've gone trackerless to avoid potential issues of people altering our releases and/or putting malware in them (it has happened in the past, unfortunately) and we're using DHT for distribution.

I have Haggar who is trying to keep all the torrents alive, but there are some older ones which are still bound to the old trackers, so we would have to remake them as well.

So, to reply to your questions:

Lots of our releases already have working torrents (either through the mega-torrent or the new, single trackerless torrents)

Yes, we need to remaster all of our old stuff, we need your help.
No recording knowledge or technical skills required, you just have to get a grip with how Audacity works to chop the tracks and add correct tags. It's a very easy but incredibly boring task.
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