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Urban Strike
This game has sweet music.

But there are two moments: several tracks don't sound till the end – they're being interrupted by the next scene. Also there's a short delay in music when a screen changes. Here's a workaround for Urban Strike:

I've tested it. You can put the hacked rom on a flash-card to use with a real console.

I was attempting to do this one today, but ran into a major snag. The sound test doesn't play all of the instruments (I think it's not utilizing the PSG, which this sound track uses extensively). I think this will have to wait until the VGM is confirmed to be accurate (which requires a playthrough with logging through the latest version of BlastEm!).

I am not very good at this game, but if you'd like to log the VGM for me (no need to trim them, just log 3 whole loops) and send them to me, that would help as preparation for when the Deadfish VGM Player gets it's final update that should fix some of the issues. I'm trying to knock out requests that are easier for me to do right now.
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