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Warsong released!
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Click on the image to go to the download page[/caption]


Albeit with a little delay here goes this week's new release from our contributor, Richard Mixin!

His release include even 3 bonus tracks which look like to be unused during normal gameplay, it's great to have them included!

Let me take the opportunity to remember to all of our contributors that while including beta/unused tracks is not required, it is absolutely welcome!

I'm also thinking about ways to improve my own workflow and I may need in the future some collaborators which, similar to our contributors, will help us out in archiving Mega Drive's soundtracks, but won't require any technical knowledge about recording and all that scary stuff in our terrible awful incomprehensible (vastly) improvable guidelines.

So stay tuned, hopefully I'll soon make my mind up and let you know about other ways to contribute to our goal!

(you can read the original article here: Warsong released! )
I could do a video showing what I’ve been doing, if it would be helpful (requires Logic or Ableton or a similar DAW though)
Yes, I feel like a video would really help out people understanding the process better.

The problem is that there are a myriad of audio interfaces and each of them is different so it's impossible to cover all the cases.
And that's without considering the different combinations of said audio interfaces and different operating systems. Some time ago I gave a look at the Linux audio susbsystem and I was already tearing my hair out just by trying to understand how it all works.

I already have an idea to make the process simpler, I just need to flesh it out.
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