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Well hello and thanks for this :*)
I just stumbled upon your site while searching for Contra Hard Corps OST files and I cried after I´ve listened to one of your Files... The Quality is unreal. Even after all those years, with the mega drive being my first console as a pupper back then, I´m listening to some game OST or simply replay some games. Big Grin Well your Files are topping this by a parsec. Your Board is quiet silent for what I´ve seen whats a shame. You`re doing gods work^^ what I want to know is would you be willing to archive more files and is there a way for me to support you with monetary ways? I can´t provide recordings because I haven´t got the needed knowledge but hell yeah I got money.
Idk if you´re going to read that but just let me say: Thank You
Thank you so much for your kind words. Those are really the best way to pay for our efforts.

We can't accept any kind of monetary donation, but I assure you that your time in creating an account and posting this message is more than we can possibly ask.

We are refining our tools because our work has been used in timing-critical contexts and there is a very small timing difference between our releases and the real thing (one so small that is undetectable by human ear, but still), so we're working on that.

Once we have all the tools updated we'll be back recording new games.

Thanks again!
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