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Zool 2 [Amiga Version]
Again, another stab in the dark here at other 16 bit machines (I know we're mostly focussing on Mega Drive at the moment) but the Amiga was an extremely important console in it's day. In a time where Microsoft were just another struggling company in a sea of "all the same" the Amiga offered something that no other games company or PC could provide - genuinely iconic sound. This was improved even further when Chris Hulsbeck (Musician for classics such as the Turrican series, Star Wars Rogue Squadron series, Apidya, the MDK series and R-Type) created the TFMX Soundtool that allowed for genuine sampling on the Amiga hardware.

Zool 2 benefited from the Amiga's audio the most, but recieved a new soundtrack on it's "upgrades" on the CD32, Atari Jaguar and Windows DOS. The original Amiga soundtrack still stands as a superior soundtrack, and extremely hard to find a decent copy of. There's just no mistaking it, Tooting Common is by far the greatest Egyptian themed tune from any game in history, and Mount Ices isn't far off in it's own level genre.

This was a soundtrack that had a lot of punch behind it and saw Patrick Phelan creating almost a progressive funk sound. The "upgraded" soundtracks all sound a little bit flat in comparison.

<img alt="Zool 2 Amiga Cover" src="" width="1000" height="1278" />

<img alt="Amiga CD32 Cover" src="" width="945" height="945" />


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