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Hey there,
how are all of ya doing?

My name is Antonio, I'm an Italian wannabe Game Developer living in Estonia. My love for retrogaming is going bigger and bigger also thanks to the mentorship of my friend donluca.

I'm the proud owner two Sega Saturn (one PAL, one JAP with mods) and a Sega Dreamcast.

I've joined the community so I can help and lend a hand wherever is necessary, and meet other people that share this passion.

See you around!
*(one Pal, one fried JAP with mods)

there, fixed that for you Tongue

You forgot that you're here because you're part of the staff, as you're the one who helped me setting up the original website and giving me hints and tips on how to set up this new one.
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
I don't always plug JAP Saturn to EU 230V wall socket, but when I do...
Big Grin
Ouch dude. I just painted my Jap Saturn mkI white (leaving the black gloss). I didn't mod it though, which mods did you have? It's already capable of RGB and you can region unlock any Saturn with an Action Replay cartridge.

What sort of games are you looking at making? If you need a writer, I'm a published author with a scriptwriting distinction in my acting degree Tongue Would love to write some games.
We just used a modchip which was cheaper and more convenient to play backups since there are some games which go for insane prices on eBay.

We both have White Jap Saturns btw, I actually have another grey one which is an early revision (the psu is in the upper part of the case).
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici
If I remember correctly, the white Japanese Saturns were the MkII, with colourful buttons. I wanted the black gloss on the front of the MkI, but to my knowledge they never made it white, only military grey.
Ah you wanted it to boot CD-Rs, I wish I could do that with mine. There are some unreleased un-development ROMs found online I'd love to play on real hardware.

Also, you might be able to recover the Japanese Saturn by replacing the power chips. Just go on eBay and buy a cheap Saturn being sold for parts (faulty disc drive or whatever) and then canabalise the power chip. It's a separate chipset entirely to the rest of the console and completely/easily replaceable.
The PSU should be good since there was the protection diode.

Also, Sonic Extreme. Big Grin
Vi veri veniversum vivus vici

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