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request poll
I think there should be a way to check a request's popularity. I thought of 2 ways of doing it, but both require some kind of poll tool to be inserted in a topic:
<ul class="bbcode_list">
[*]Per request poll: each request could have a poll with a question like "How much are you interested in this release?", and answer like "Very much", "Not much", "Not interested at all"
[*]Per month poll: each month (or 2 or 3) a poll could be run with unfulfilled requests. Each game could be an entry, and most voted games would go first. Those requests that don't make it, will go on next month's poll.
I like more the per month poll, because oldest unfulfilled requests will be lost in the depths of the forum.
I'd absolutely love a tool to make requests in a better, more rapid way, but as of now, we'd need someone to code something for us in the website to make it happen.

As of now the only way to know request's popularity is generally looking at the "Reply" count in the reuqests thread but often there are unrelated posts so you have to manually open these threads and check for yourself. (that's how I do it and it's quite long and painful I have to admit).

If you know anyone willing to do this for us then please let me know. I entirely support this idea.
Wordpress already support polls on the blog (instead of a forum post). I've found this help:

For the forum I've found this:
Thanks, I'll look into this asap Smile
Did this poll idea ever make any headway? I just went through each forum and took a tally of each game that has been requested, when it was requested, and how many times. I have it saved in a .txt file, so the data is all there to be consolidated somewhere if you want!
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Thank you, but I have already all the data down Smile
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