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Full Version: Streets of Rage 3/Bare Knuckle 3
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[Image: 2224352-box_sor3.png]

I'd like to request this. The third game deserves some love too.
I'll second this request, a friend of mine would love this.
I'm also waiting for it!
I second this!
I like this one as well ^^
Putting my own vote on this as well. We have already done SoR 1 and 2, it makes sense to release the third as well.
I also second this. Although it isn't on the same level as its predecessors, it's still a decent soundtrack. It also makes sense since the first two were already released.
I also vote for it
this is one of the top3 favorite games on sega genesis of all time for me. the soundtracks is also amazing so my taste. hopefully we get a release some day.
It would be nice to have this soundtrack.
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