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240p test suite - Tobio - 08-06-2015

I'd like to bring this most useful application to everyone's attention if you weren't already aware of it! homebrew available for most homebrew enabled consoles, as well as a great write up on general monitor calibration. Most impressive feature to me and one I can't wait to try out is the dreamcast version's exclusive SIP Microphone and Fast Fourier Transform Lag Test for measuring up-scaler lag using tones picked up from the dreamcast's mic unit.

RE: 240p test suite - donluca - 08-06-2015

Yup, I've been using it for a long time, especially now that I have a CRT monitor.

Great piece of work. Artemio (the author) often hangs out in the Hardware forum of Shmups at System11.

RE: 240p test suite - Roareye - 09-06-2015

I don't really get it? Is it just for CRTs? Do you buy it on cart or stream to your TV via PC connection?
How do you change these settings, just via TV remote? You'd be forever changing your TV settings rather than playing games, so this would only be of benefit if each console was connected to its own TV?

RE: 240p test suite - donluca - 09-06-2015

It's mainly aimed at CRTs to correctly calibrate the monitor, but used also with LCDs to test color accuracy and lag.

Depending on the console you use, you either burn it to a cd or use a flash cart.

The program itself just outputs test patterns, then you have to use your TV/monitor settings to adjust stuff.